Nebula Cloud Service upcoming maintenance - 2021-04-11 00:30 (UTC+0)

Nebula_CSO Posts: 137  Zyxel Employee

Dear Nebula Users,

The system will temporarily unavailable due to the maintenance.

Started from:

      2021-04-11 00:30 AM (UTC+0)


      2021-04-11 07:30 AM (UTC+0)

      2021-04-11 10:30 AM (UTC+0)

      2021-04-11 16:30 PM (UTC+0)

      2021-04-11 15:40 PM (UTC+0)

Affected scope & Risk:

  1. All users will be force logout from Nebula Control Center and inaccessible during the progress.

Note: This maintenance event does not affect Nebula devices and their local network services

If you observed any issues after the maintenance, please contact @Nebula_CSO

Zyxel Nebula Support


  • Nebula_CSO
    Nebula_CSO Posts: 137  Zyxel Employee
    The completed date has postpone to 10:30 AM (UTC+0)
    Apologizes for any inconvenience.
  • Nebula_CSO
    Nebula_CSO Posts: 137  Zyxel Employee
    In order to optimize the user experience in new phase the maintenance schedule is postpone to 16:30 PM (UTC+0)
    Thanks for your patience.
  • Simultux
    Simultux Posts: 0
    all VPNs went down on my site at 1130CEST/1030UTC, unable to getthem to work in nebula control center.
  • Carter
    Carter Posts: 28  Admin
    edited April 11
    The system maintenance finish right now, you can login into NCC to check VPN status.
    If you need our help, could you provide org name and enable support request for us?
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