Issue with Caddx Nebula Pro Range

fujitora41 Posts: 1
I recently purchased a new Cinelog35HD that comes pre-installed with a Caddx Nebula Pro and a pair of DJI v2 FPV goggles, but I'm experiencing serious range issues and can't get more than 10 meters away from the drone before video drops out, regardless of the mw output or channel I'm on.

I've double-checked all settings, and it unlocks from low power mode when I arm the drone. I've tried every tip and trick I could find on the internet. Has anyone had a similar experience or know of something I can try?

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  • Morgan69
    Morgan69 Posts: 2
    So what did you want a picture of? the connector on the VTX itself? this is my first drone and im new to the hobby so im not quite sure what you are after.

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