Connectivity Issues with NWA55AXE Access Points Wireless Bridge and VLAN

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Greetings to the community members,

I am encountering connectivity issues with some NWA55AXE access points that are not connecting to the wireless bridge with VLAN. The access points are not able to establish a stable and consistent connection, which is causing disruptions in my gaming sessions.

I have attempted several troubleshooting steps, including resetting the access points and reconfiguring the VLAN settings. However, the problem still persists, and I am not able to find the root cause of the issue.

I suspect that the problem may be related to a configuration issue with the access points. The other access points in the network are functioning correctly with the VLAN, which suggests that the issue may be specific to the NWA55AXE models.

Therefore, I would like to seek the community's assistance in identifying any possible configuration issues that may be causing the connectivity problems. Additionally, I am open to any suggestions on how to diagnose the issue further and any potential solutions that can resolve the problem.

To aid in the troubleshooting process, I have included the gaming laptop [] system information and the NWA55AXE access points' configuration details.

Thank you for your time and support in helping me resolve this issue.

Best regards,


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    Hi @judywatson

    From your description, we assume that your NWA55AXE as Repeater AP disconnect to the Root AP sometimes.

    We'd like to check your site to find the root cause out, so please enable customer’s Zyxel support by going to the left sidebar > Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, save the changes for us to check.

    And provide the Org and Site name here or via private message by click my account > Message. Thank you.

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