[Week 5] ZCNA Nebula: Manage your network on the cloud

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From remote working to online classes, Cloud networking is one technology that underpins post pandemic new digital business models. It’s no exaggeration to say nowadays cloud enables business. WFH, mobility, flexibility is the new norm. Facing the cloud challenge, have you been bugged by questions listed below?

  • What makes cloud management different from traditional on premise management?
  • What is the benefit of adopting cloud management to maintain your network?

Meanwhile, as a network administrator, do you know how:

  • How cloud management solution can chip in to benefit your network?
  • Will there be any security concern when devices need to communicate with the cloud server?
  • Will it take lots of time to establish cloud management function?

In ZCNA-Nebula, through the 60-minutes courses, you will be able to answer all these questions above singlehandedly and deal with different cloud management scenarios with ease!

In this course, we will first introduce the difference between cloud management and traditional on premise management network, the trend of cloud management network, and, last but not least, Zyxel cloud management solution – Nebula Control Center. You will get to see, as one of the top vendors of cloud management network, how our solutions fit in business of different sizes in different verticals.

Besides, we will also introduce all product lines supported by Nebula Cloud Management. Currently there are over 60 products which can be managed by Nebula, including but limited to firewalls, Ethernet switches, and access points. Under Nebula Cloud Center, administrators now get a centralized management platform of their network, and also can monitor all these devices in a single web portal instead of checking each device one by one. We will also demonstrate how to deploy your devices for them to get online within few steps, so as soon as you power these devices up, all devices information can be displayed on the web portal in few minutes.

What’s more important is, in the highly integrated Nebula ecosystem, the cloud platform also offers many advanced, user-friendly proprietary functions. In the class there will be a topic, “Platform Highlight”, where we will introduce how these functions benefit users in their daily operation, such as “Wireless Health”, “IPTV Report”, “Site Topology” … Furthermore, with the “CDR” function, multiple devices can collaborate each other to enhance overall network security. You will see how to take advantage of these powerful functions and make your network management as easy and efficient as possible.

Last but not the least, we will also share a case study to demonstrate how to construct a small business network on Nebula cloud, which includes firewalls, switches, and access points. In the case study, we will walk you through the entire process from “configuring the setting” to the “deploying each device”, and finally establish a network including two VLANs for “guest” and “internal users”. So network administrators can practically see how Nebula fulfills each and every requirement to be the most suitable solution for their network management.

Start learning ZCNA-Nebula, come and open the treasure chest to enrich your networking game strategy!


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