How to switch security policy style from advance to general?

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If you need to switch the security policy style, follow these steps:

  1. Remove all UTM profiles except Content Filter and App Patrol from security policy rules. Ensure to de-apply the Email Security and Anti-Malware profiles in security policy rules.
  2. Verify the status using the command.
    Router(config)# show security-service inspect status
    IDP inspect: all-traffic
    Anti-Malware inspect: by-policy
    Email Security inspect: by-policy
    URL threat filter inspect: all-traffic
    DNS filter inspect: all-traffic
    IDP profile: default_profile
  3. If the status is "by-policy", use the command to configure "all-traffic".
    Router(config)# security-service anti-virus inspect all-traffic
    security-service anti-spam inspect all-traffic
    Router(config)# write
  4. Change the security policy style to general.
    Router(config)# secure-policy-style general
    Note: You may need to wait for a long time to apply this command.
    Router(config)# write
  5. Log in to the web GUI again, and you should see the IPS page in general style.

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