Customizing Firmware Upgrade Schedules to Ensure Network Availability

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Customizing Firmware Upgrade Schedules to Ensure Network Availability

Having your networking devices up to date is important to ensure your network stabilization and protection. The Nebula Basic allows you to set firmware upgrade schedules to your convenience, being able to upgrade all your networking devices (type) at once on a preferred time of the week or on a specific date once the new firmware is available.

Having all devices being upgraded at the same time, even on your preferred hour, might not always be an option for your network, where some of the devices need to provide service while others are being upgraded to minimize impact. Here is where the Nebula PRO PACK features come into play, allowing the customization of your upgrade in a per-device basis, with richer scheduling options that bring flexibility and in-depth control of your network availability.

Making your management even easier with PRO PACK license

Figure 1: Firmware management page allows you to set per-device upgrade schedules within the Nebula PRO PACK

The Site-wide > Monitor > Firmware management page allows you to select one or multiple of your devices and make use of the PRO PACK feature in the “+ Schedule Upgrade” button to set the most convenient schedule time for them. On the pop-up window (Figure 2), the following can be set: 

Figure 2: Per-device Schedule Upgrade options available within Nebula PRO PACK

  • Follow global settings: default option that sets the device(s) to follow the site-wide upgrade time schedules.
  • Recurrent schedule: allows granularity to set the device(s) upgrade schedules to a weekly or a monthly upgrade:
    • Weekly upgrade: Every Friday at 23:00.
    • Monthly upgrade based on a date: Every month on the 30th day at 23:00.
    • Monthly upgrade based on a day and week: Every month on the last Sunday at 5:00
    This option can be set at any time and only be configured once, providing recurrence whenever there is a new firmware upgrade available, without you having to take care of it again.
  • One-shot schedule: allows to set an upgrade schedule to a specific date within the next 6 months (e.g.: 2020-04-30 23:00), only configurable once the new firmware is available and without recurrence.

The“Upgrade scheduled”column in the device table list (Figure 1) will show the upgrade date (based on settings) when there’s a new firmware upgrade, or just the schedule setting when there is no new firmware available.

Note that if the PRO PACK license expires, all the device will be set to“Follow global settings”. Once the license is renewed, the per-device recurrent schedules will be re-set again.