[Release Note] Nebula Switch 100 Series - Phase 2 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Switch 100 Series

Release Note

June, 2017

Firmware Version on all models
Zyxel NSW100-10 - V2.00(ABHW.0)C0
Zyxel NSW100-10P - V2.00(ABGO.0)C0
Zyxel NSW100-28 - V2.00(ABHX.0)C0
Zyxel NSW100-28P - V2.00(ABBT.0)C0

New Feature and Enhancements
  1. Add Storm control feature.
  2. Add Loop guard feature.
  3. Append a header for Switch statistics section for easier readability.
  4. Prevent misconfiguration in IP filtering result in NCC disconnection.
  5. Add Locator LED feature.
  6. Rename DHCP white-list to DHCP server guard with enhanced network protection mechanism.
  7. Add Switch list and port list page option.
  8. Add Cable diagnostic feature.
  9. Add DDMI for SFP feature.
  10. Rename Port power cycle.
Bug Fix
  1. Fixed the error message in the bandwidth utilization and uplink usage pages.
  2. Fixed static IP became and disconnected to DCHP server when changing static IP in ZON utility.
  3. Fixed classifier configuration is failed to apply and pops up the error message on CLI when modifying the IP filtering rule on NCC.
  4. Fixed incorrect bandwidth utilization graph in the port detail.
  5. Fixed NSW is showing offline during unstable connection between NCC and NSW.
  1. To all users when upgrading Nebula devices, please make sure your device is connected to the control center and internet.
  2. During the upgrade process (notice the LED will flash in RED rapidly), make sure the power is not inturruped or disabled, in the unlikely event of this happening, you may have to perform the upgrade again.
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