Using Facebook Wi-Fi for Guest Authentication to Promote Brand Engagement for Your Business

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Nebula provides its users the option to leverage from the popularity of social media to help build a better Wi-Fi experience. Using Facebook Authentication, which can be configured within Nebula, offers an easy and straight-forward way to not only ease the access to Wi-Fi, but also gives business an opportunity to expand its visibility, gain better insights, and build a better online presence by engaging with their customers via social media.

Nebula’s Facebook Social Media login is a free feature found within Nebula Control Center (NCC) and is an easy way for business to allow its customers to login to Wi-Fi, for example, a Guest Network with their Facebook account. The Nebula Control Center (NCC) Administrators can gain better insights about their visitors by leveraging from information about the user via information provided by Facebook, you are able to gain details like email address, age, gender, and location. 

To further enhance the standard Social Media authentication process, we offer “Facebook Wi-Fi” for those wanting to use their business Facebook page as a sign-on page, this allows you to build out a more in-depth online marketing strategy including promoting check-ins and increase traffic and visibility of your business on Facebook. “Facebook Wi-Fi” is included as part of Professional pack, an optional purchased add-on pack, which includes many enhanced features that help enrich the available features and experience within the Nebula Platform.

This article will explain how to set up Facebook Wi-Fi within Nebula Control Center (NCC).

Setting up Facebook Wi-Fi

Scenario: you are setting up a wireless network sign-in method with Facebook Wi-Fi in NCC.

Location: Access point > Configure > Authentication

  • The Authentication page allows you to select the network sign-in method. Users with Pro Pack license can make use of the “Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi” feature.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button to save the settings. There will be a warning message showing “Facebook Wi-Fi settings are not completed.” The Facebook page can be set anytime later with the following steps:
    • Clicking “here” will open up a window to the Facebook sign-on page and you can create your business Facebook page or add an existing fan page after signing onto Facebook.


* Whether you are creating a new fan page on Facebook or using the existing one, the fan page must have a which can be edited in “Edit fan page information”.

*  After you set the location successfully, you need to go back to the NCC setting page and click “here” again for selecting the fan page. Then, you can set the Facebook Page, Bypass Mode, Terms of Service in the open window. The Session Length can be ignored here because the AP will follow the re-authentication time set in NCC.

。 After selecting and saving the fan page in the open window, the Facebook Wi-Fi settings are done.

。 Go back to Nebula and refresh the page to check the paired fan page.

  • Users need to sign in with their account to check-in into the business Facebook page and get access to the internet. Alternatively, the Skip Check-in button can be used to continue.

Configuring the re-authentication time

  • Facebook Wi-Fi re-authentication follows the settings of “For cloud authentication users”.

Location: SITE-WIDE > Configure > General setting

Making changes to the Facebook Wi-Fi

  • You can select the other Facebook fan page by clicking “Configure on Facebook”, and the NCC will open up a window for selecting the other fan page after you sign into Facebook.

Deleting a paired Facebook Wi-Fi fan page

  • Click the green button “Unpair” to delete the paired Facebook Wi-Fi fan page and set another captive portal sign-in method.