What's Limited Lifetime License about and how does it work?

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What is Limited Lifetime License (LLL)?
Limited Lifetime License (LLL) is a new licensing model that turns a Nebula Organization into a non-expiry licensed service, having no hassle for timely renewal process.

How does Limited Lifetime License work?

How can I convert to Limited Lifetime Organization?
The following guidelines apply in order to upgrade an organization to a Limited Lifetime organization:

• Device type & quantity
For each device registered into an organization, administrator needs to register a Limited Lifetime License key that corresponds to the same device type.

To register a LLL key, user can proceed to Organization > Inventory and click the +Register button, the Register license keys window will appear, where user has to input all the necessary keys at the same time. Once the number of LLL keys are the same quantity and type as the devices registered in the organization, a warning message will be displayed:

User needs to tick the Acknowledge box and proceed to click the Register button. Note that unlike Nebula points licenses, LLL keys are automatically activated when registered.

After the Register button is clicked, the organization will turn into Limited Lifetime Organization. License management page will show Limited Lifetime for Expiration date and Remaining fields and administrator will receive the email confirmation:

If device type & quantity criteria is not considered by the user, NCC will display a warning message and the upgrade to Lifimite Lifetime Organization cannot proceed until adding enough keys:

• Empty Organization
A Limited Lifetime License (any device type or quantity) can be registered in advance to an empty organization, upgrading to LL Organization immediately. The LL Organization will only allow the registration of the same device type and quantity as the LLL keys already registered:

How do I differentiate my LL Organization?
When an account manages multiple organizations, the MSP Portal shows a summary of the organizations, differentiating the Limited lifetime Organizations under the column NCC License expiration:

Besides the MSP portal, LL Organization are differentiated by the expiration date and remain points fields in the License management page as depicted in Figure 3.

What about Nebula Security Service License (NSS)?
As the “How does Limited Lifetime License work?” section explains, the Limited Lifetime License only applies to Nebula Control Center (NCC) license; Nebula Security License (NSS) will follow the original license design for co-termination.
By the case that an NSG is registered without NSS license into a LL Organization, the NSS-IDP will be shown as expired: