Renew Your NCC & NSS Licenses on Zyxel Marketplace Express!

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Users of Nebula can make good use of the built-in license management tools to keep track of how many license points they still have, the license expiration dates, and how many license points they will need to extend or upgrade to the Professional Pack/Security Pack service, etc. Moreover, they can even purchase the Nebula points directly online via Zyxel Marketplace Express, making it much easier and more convenient to renew the Nebula Professional Pack/Security Pack service.

This article will Introduce how to use the license calculator in Nebula Control Center (NCC) and where you can purchase license points to extend or upgrade to the Nebula Professional Pack/Security Pack Service.

There are two places where you can find the calculator:

1. License calculator
As shown in Figure 1 below, you can find the license calculator in Help>License calculator.

                                      Figure 1: License calculator

Use this menu to specify the number of Nebula devices and the time period to determine the license credits (device points) you should get for the NCC service within a specific time frame.

Based on your requirement, click on the calculate button and you’ll get the result.

                                             Figure 2: The NAP series with bundled license points

Please be aware that there are some minor differences between the models like bundled or non-bundled models.


  • Nebula Access Points: Bundled models. The NAP series comes with 90 license points ( 3 years) upon purchase.
  • NebulaFlex Pro Access Points: Bundled models. For instance, WAC series or NWA5123-AC HD comes with 30 license points (1 year) upon purchase.
  • NebulaFlex Access Points: non-bundled models. The model name that starts with 1 or 2, for instance, NWA110AX, NWA210AX are not bundled with license points.


  • Nebula Switches: The NSW series comes with a bundle license of 35 points (1 year) upon purchase.
  • NebulaFlex Pro Switches: The models come with a bundle license of 35 points (1 year) upon purchase; for instance, GS1350 series.
  • NebulaFlex Switches: The models are not bundled with license points; for instance, GS1920 series.

Nebula Security Gateway (NSG)

  • All models in NSG series come with a NCC bundled license of 50 points upon purchase.
  • Nebula Security Service (NSS): The NSS includes IDP, Anti-virus, Content Filtering and APP patrol functionalities. Upon purchase, all models in NSG series come with a varied number of NSS bundled points, depending on the model type.

2. License management

Click Organization-wide > Configure > License management to access this page. Use this page to view and manage the licenses for Nebula devices in the organization. You can refer to this article for more details on how the license calculation works.

 Figure 3: Use the license management tool to check your license status in NCC and renew if needed. 

Where can I buy the license points?
Recently, we have made the direct purchase of NCC and NSS points online available. Now you can link directly to our Marketplace Express from NCC to make a purchase, as shown in Figure 3.

Upon clicking the “Buy” button, another calculator window will pop up, giving you the details of the device amount in the specified organization and how many points you’ll need to extend the service (The default period is 1 year).

On this page, it also lists down the licenses pack sets, guiding you on how to buy the points.

                                                              Figure 4: Calculation result

After confirming how many points you’ll need for the specified organization, click “Buy Now!” button, and then it will direct you to the Zyxel Marketplace Express.

Figure 5: The Zyxel Marketplace Express

After a purchase in Zyxel Marketplace Express, Nebula will send a license key to your email address as shown in Figure 6. After receiving the email, please go back to NCC (Organization-wide> License management) to register and activate the license key to complete the process.

                               Figure 6: The order list and the order copy with a license key



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    Is Zyxel Marketplace Express not available in some countries? "Buy now" button leads me to the message "Your Order Is Empty" and page header just redirects to
    I'm from Russia.
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    Hi @bzzt,

    May you help to enable Zyxel Support at Help > Support request page?
    Please also share your organization name, so we can access your organization to check.

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    Hi @bzzt,

    Due to local laws restriction, Zyxel Marketplace doesn't support license purchase from Russia and Brazil.
    Please refer to the link below which will lead you to our sales partners.