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Good morning, I've bought and now installed a G5 router. I don't understand the first configuration step: why must I've an internet connection? Because I cannot proceed to my configuration. I've a Zyxel modem in bridge mode and then the router so I set PPPoE in the G5 step for my connection during the wizard and I cannot proceed to use my router because the router cannot detect internet connection (and it works as with router like Asus).
Why must I complete the wizard? I don't want it, I want to manually configure my router

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  • CoenB
    CoenB Posts: 5
    Is the answer from Zyxel_Jerry on the topic 'Armor G1 only cloud???' usefull as background information?
    G5 and G1 are similar devices. Initially setting up the G5 with IPoE and dhcp behind the modem will most likely work.
    After the wizard use you can change the settings via local account login and the menu-item 'settings/internet'.

    Kind regards, Coen

  • Override
    Override Posts: 1
    Unfortunately I don't want/I cannot complete the wizard. All routers are functionally without it by skipping the procedure, why Zyxel not? I want to use my modem in bridge mode and I want to set all parameters that my ISP requires. Actually, it's not possible with Zyxel (neither in the wizard nor after it) and the result is that I cannot complete the wizard making the router unusable.

  • Scorpione
    Scorpione Posts: 20  Freshman Member
    Start with wizard less skip, set as router and complete the steps. After first rebook you can go inside as local account and modify as you want. The first time the wizard setup the basic tests.
  • Zyxel_Jerry
    Zyxel_Jerry Posts: 422  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @Override

    Currently, Armor G5 needs to register an account for the app using.
    After register, an account, when access WEB GUI, there are two login type you can choose, cloud account login and local password login.
    You can choose local password to login device.
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