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  • Hi @Ethanwallace, Thank you for sharing your idea, and we are going to transfer your concern to our development team and Idea section for evaluation. Thanks again for being our companion on the journey of delivering and enhancing new features. 
  • Hi @BMontiel, Have you added USG flex200 and WAX610D into the radius trust list? In case the issue still happens, please upload the screenshot shows errors message again. We didn't see any attached photo. Moreover, please collect and provide us the diagnostic file of USG FLEX200 and WAX610D after fail to authenticate.…
  • Hi @reno, In case you have any example/ idea about SSID availability feature, we're please if you share with us. We'll evaluate carefully about that. Thank you in advance! 
  • Hi @Gelphyn, You mentioned about the access page from the Password Manager had gained the ability to attempt login without your input, and then when you attempted input, a message informed you that the UserName was no longer valid and that a new attempt should be made in 5 minutes, promptly counting down every second. It…
  • Hi @Gelphyn, Applications area is the place to let Zyxel account navigate between Zyxel platforms such as myZyxel, Nebula, Education, Community, etc. Besides, the way login to GUI Access Web Page is using the device’s IP. In the case of using private IP, even if there is a hyperlink as the GUI Access Web Page on Nebula CC…
  • You can set
"802.11 Mode" to be 11ax (Channel Width: 20/40/80MHz) for radio
profile to give WAX510D use the 11ax capability, while NWA5123-AC-HD
still can use 11ac capability. FYI: In case you set "802.11 Mode" as 11ac, both WAX510D and NWA5123-AC-HD will use 11ac capability.
  • Hi @mMontana, Have you tried to use the channel 6 and connect to the SSID with good signal as well? Please share with us the result. Besides, could you help to check the driver version between WinCE devices in the networks built on Zyxel APs (NWA1100-NH, NWA-1123v2) that works well and the WinCE devices that have the data…
  • Hi @Rimfire, There is no special suggestion for radio settings when having this type of mixed AP environment. Besides, we have series of FAQ about radio settings to get the high wireless performance as below 1. Maximum output power 2. WLAN Rate Control 3. Limit legacy clients Although the FAQ for the Nebula version, you…
Could you share with us about your idea as the GUI web page access should be placed within Nebula and/or My Zyxel? Is there something like the user can use Nebula to login and do configuration on Nebula like AP, Switch and Firewall? If yes, we'll create a feature request for evaluation.
Hi @[email protected], Username is default as admin
for router device to get the highest privilege, and users can choose their password by themselves by editing
at Nebula > Site-wide > Configure > General settings > Device
  • Hi @Gelphyn, 


We’re pleased to know that you can log in successfully by
accessing the login web page manually with username and the Site-wide password. 

Related to the symptom happens when you’re using a Password
Manager software and the latest
version of Ventura 13.2, could you…
  • Hi @Francesca69, The client list on Nebula can show the name of device. At the present, the Station list on the Standalone mode look
like below, so we’re taking about the enhancement to user can see the device
name on Standalone mode.
  • Hi @tgl, You’re right. WPA3 with a “Transition mode” is provided to
let non-support devices connect to SSID in WPA2-Personal. The “Transition mode”
is enabled and grayed out
as default. 

In case you just want to the WPA3-supported clients connect
to the SSID, you can use the CLI as below, SSID with…
  • Hi @Justascom, 


We suggest trying to
configure port speed with force 100M full-duplex or 10M full-duplex on
your new 5g modem (zte mc888) to check whether issue is solved. 


In case without success, it
seems like an IOP issue between the zte mc888 and GS1100-16.…
  • Hi @Frapla, At the present, Nebula CC supports to show the usage of application, you can go to Nebula Demo Account to check the information Zyxel Nebula Click to nebula Control Center, refer to Appliance Network Applications area Go to Security gateway > Monitor > NSS analysis report see detail information, and click to…
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