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  • here is the speed test with my laptop connected directly to the WAN cable. and here is going through the ATP500 same server, same laptop, same cables. test 1 - 11.50pm test 2 - 11.53pm it has to be something into the ATP500 maybe…
  • Hi @Zyxel_Tobias Can you please help with this?
Hi Tobias, I did follow the above procedure but when I click on register it says: device is already registered. How can I migrate a client from one account to another without factory reset the USG?
  • great thanks for the help
  • How do I transfer a device registered to one account to the other in the
  • yes, I know that workaround. I just wanted to know if I can merge 2 different accounts for the
  • Chrystal clear! thanks @Nebula_Chris it will only kick in once the load balancing limit set in the AP & port settings has been reached. for example, if I set the limit to 100 devices, the load balancing tag will only work if one of the APs reaches 100 devices 
  • Hi @Nebula_Chris I'm referring to the load balancing tag, not the WAP tag.
  • Hi @Nebula_Chris support access enabled. org/site sent via PM
  • Hi all, Just following up on this thread as I have the same issue. I have an NSG300 and would like P$ and P5 to be on the same LAN. I have followed the above steps and configured LAG1 with DHCP server and subnet at 192.168.1.X however, whatever I plug into P4 or P5 does not get any IP at all. whereas if I plug my laptop…
  • Hi @Nebula_Chris I have configured the DNS in the IP Lan setting as suggested thanks. however, can you please clarify what the Domain Zone Forwarder does in the gateway setting?
  • Hi @Nebula_Chris I have the DHCP setting set on 1st DNS NSG 2nd DNS none 3rd DNS none then on the gateway settings, I have it set as per picture I've previously attached. is this configuration correct or in order to use other DNS I need to set it on the DHCH page?
  • Hi, is this setup correct in order to use my own DNS instead of the one provided by the ISP?