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  • Hi, me too since I upgraded to version V2.70 V2.70 (AAHM.1) | 11/01/2022 I am continually having problems with the PoE function. I have 8-9 GS1900-24HP on several different locations and all updated to V2.70, since I did the update the PoE so randon stops working, just restart the device and it works again, on each switch…
  • Hi @Zyxel_Charlie , I am noticing this difference in values in the last few weeks, whereas before the values were much more precise and identical. If the secureporter is calm on a wrong average, it is impossible for me to verify a bandwidth absorption in a precise way. it is not a slight difference in calculation and time…
  • Hi@Zyxel_Joslyn ?I have upgraded the firmware of the usg to version 4.35 patch 2 as suggested by the support of zyxel italia, the version of the controller and the ap has also been updated, the problem seems to be solved thank you.
  • Hi@Zyxel_Joslyn from zyxel italia support, they suggest me to update the usg firmware to 4.35. At the moment the AP is disconnected from the system, as soon as I get back on the spot I will do all the tests including diagnostics. I will let you know Thank you.
  • I solved it this way: - deactivated the Failover When Interface Failure monitor - lowered the Connectivity Check, check perid 15, check timeout 3, check fail tolerance 3 - set the trunk of the wan in Least Load First simulating the lack of connection on the wan1 the wan 2 intervenes.
  • Thanks for the reply. I do not understand why the system should be disconnectrer in auotamatico the ip sec .... could it depend on this timeout that sometimes the connection in terminal server in rdp falls? GMTYRileva…
  • OK thanks
  • yes, I need to know the meaning of some logs, like this: info,ike ,IKE_LOG, Tunnel [Vpn_To_Respighi_Wan1:Vpn_To_Respighi_To_Wan1:0x10ac8b72] rekeyed successfully info,ike,IKE_LOG,Tunnel [Vpn_To_Respighi_Wan1:Vpn_To_Respighi_To_Wan1:0x91d96ef0] is disconnected
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