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  • @PeterUK Which Wi-Fi scanning tool did you use? I tried your testing process with my WAX650S, but the channel width always stay in 20MHz whatever the channel width is configured at 20 or 20/40. So an idea just comes in my mind: Could the scanning tool read the 40 MHz capability inside AP's Beacon, and mis-print the channel…
  • I don't think Multy AC2100 is compatible with your existing WLAN system, because different vendors have their own approach to implement Mesh system. So you may need to create another additional WLAN system with Multy. But a good news is, once the name and the security are the same, your smartphone can still auto-transfer…
  • Could the issue happen on the connector of Huawei Router? Maybe you can connect the AP to the other port of the Router and monitor the performance.
  • How's the spectrum condition? Any Wi-Fi signal around the location? If interference is inevitable, you can try to size down the channel width to 40/20 or even 20 MHz to reduce the impact.
  • Hi, Not sure if Zyxel devices support mDNS, but needs more information based on your statement: 1. What do you mean the "mDNS stopped working" ? Does it mean NWA210AX's didn't broadcast mDNS information, or other mDNS devices stop sending mDNS information after you deploying NWA210AX in your network? (if so, wondering if…
  • I'm using two WRE2205s in my house, and it works pretty well and so far there is no issue occurred. In my point of view, the end of life means that Zyxel stop developing new firmware/function for this product. But the product is still regarded secure when it's in mainstream model list. So I'd say it's safe enough for my…
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  • As far as I know, those two models are incompatible to each other, since different standard/protocol are used. (PLA5456 uses homeplug AV2, while PLA6456 using PLA5456 are compatible with other "Homeplug AV2" adapters, such as 5256, 5206v2, 5405v2... You can check the the Zyxel official website, where noted…
  • Which channel did you set up? If the channel is within channel52 to channel144, AP will switch its channel after detecting other RADAR signal (which has higher priority in transmission). So if the above assumption is true, it's inevitable for channel changing. (you can search for DFS channel for detail information)…
  • @Nada You should access not The address is the just the record left on your home router, which is invalid after you switching the NBG into AP Mode. You should change PC's interface settings like Freda said, then access the NBG with and change its configurations and IP address.
  • It depends on which port is used to access the NBG. What you see on main router is NBG's WAN port address, and you can't use it to access NBG from its LAN port. One approach is, you can reset your NBG to default settings and use its default IP address to access it from LAN port.
  • I've also seen this behavior before!! This is because the NBG is in router mode, while both WAN/LAN are in the same subnet and conflict each other. So the LAN IP address will automatically switch to Not sure what's your topology is, but if all network services are in the same subnet (no firewall/NAT/DHCP function…
  • What's the model name of your router? Not all router's default IP address is You can check the information from it's user guide.
  • Since both WRE and Home Router are using channel 13, it's for sure two signals will interfere each other(or specifically saying, they share the channel resources). I'd say the walls in the house is a main obstacles to wireless signals, and even you enhance the antenna capability, the obstacles still existing. However, what…
  • In my memory PLA5456 is compatible to all other Zyxel PLA products except PLA6456(which is used different pairing protocol).
  • Looks the link between WRE<->Home Router is quite good (since the WRE LAN port speed is good), and wireless devices can have normal speed when it's close to the WRE. I don't think it could be a internal antenna hardware issue (since the power can reach -65dBm and wireless service keeps good in short distance). Could you…