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  • "If I try to add another it gets stuck trying to sync with the second one (never getting done)." Is possible to share this screenshot? And what is the LED status of node2? "If I instead decide to not connect the second node, I will connect to the wifi, and then I will go to the home screen with the "disconnected" message…
  • Hey Henrik, I upgraded Multy App to the latest version:, it seems to improve this feature.
  • Hi Skoobaskunk, If your WSQ60 is bridge mode, you should able to assign the specified IP address to it from upper layer router. I checked User Manual of BiPAC 7800DX(L), it has the feature of Static IP. https://www.billion.uk.com/user_manual/User_Manual-BiPAC7800DX-7800DXL.pdf For my NBG6817 router, it has Static DHCP…
  • Please share your port forward setting. I suggest you to set Multy X as bridge mode. If Multy X is router mode, you may need to configure port forward rule on BT smart hub 6 and Multy X.
  • If you want to connect CCTV DVR on Multy, maybe you can change CCTV DVR's IP address as 192.168.212.X, or change Multy as bridge mode, then set port forward rule on BT smart hub 6.
  • Hi psinclair1969, If Multy X is Bridge Mode which means all IP addresses will assign from your NETGEAR Modem/Router. Multy X doesn't have DHCP Server in Bridge Mode. For example, your NETGEAR Modem/Router IP range is 192.168.0.x, all devices (includes connected with Multy X's devices) will get the same IP range.…
  • You can try to set Multy X as Bridge Mode. It will be in the same network segment with your Netgear modem/router. Below link is the FAQ. https://homeforum.zyxel.com/discussion/1490/how-to-change-the-operating-mode-via-multy-app#latest
  • Could you provide the details of your network topology? And the web server is directly connected to the primary Multy node's LAN? Is possible to share your port forwarding settings?
  • Hello, Here are some questions to clarify. .What is the LED status of 3rd node? .Can other device connect to 3rd node? .Do you try to reset Sonos PLAY:1? .What do you mean when connect it to the third it failed always? What kind of symptom? .Do you use wireless or wired of Sonos PLAY:1 to connect 3rd node? If wireless not…
  • What kind of the problem you encountered? Can you share your network topology and what is the firmware version of your Multy X? However I am not seeing the results I anticipated, and in some cases the performance of the Multy X is worse than Sky. Can you explain more details? And is there any screenshots of results? Does…
  • What kind of virtual server? Any information? Can you share the purpose? What kind of application you want? BTW, Multy App can set port forwarding, I think this is what you want. https://homeforum.zyxel.com/discussion/1447/how-to-set-up-port-forwarding-via-multy-app#latest
  • Hello, Maggus75. Can you share the firmware version of your 1st and 2nd Multy node? Do you try to wait for some time? Is 2nd node still not update firmware?
  • Please help to clarify your description. Is this using wireless backhaul between two nodes? When nodes is using wireless backhaul, please make sure your wireless device is connected to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz before you test speed on the client device. Is this using Ethernet backhaul between two nodes? And when Diagnose result…
  • Do you reset Multy U to let all nodes to get the latest firmware version or wait for some time, the second node has synchronized? Can you provide your network topology? And what do you mean speed drop if nodes is connected via Ethernet? Is there any screenshot about results? What is your network bandwidth? How do you test…
  • Thanks for sharing. So, your Multy U is in bridge mode currently? After reset, you can try to swap two nodes, such as original second node as primary node.