• a scenario?? If i can acces them via ip why not rebooting them over ip instead of unplugging them?? And since there is a 220v plug in it it would be nice to reboot them without unplugging the power
  • okay, some other things. Why cant you reboot both items via the GUI? and why can i acces one item via Ip but it isnt shown in any arp table?
  • Sorry this has nothing to do with the way it looks. This is wat it looks like:
  • Hi Tony, thanks for your response. The firmware is already installed ( must be the first one) I find it very strange that Zyxel put this item in the market with such crappy software. For example. One of the units disapears from my network. The other one is always visible? -why is one speed 100 mb and the other 1000 (…
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