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  • I have run from (ABKM.3)C0 to (ABKM.4)C0, and it didn't have any problem. Maybe you can try with another browser and PC/NB to upgrade it. Have you try to reset the switch? Can you able to access the WEB GUI of GS1200-5?
  • Base on your description, this issue happened on the installation of second Multy. Have you try to reset the second Multy, and install it again? Or try to reset both Multy, and use the second Multy as Root Multy to install your system.
  • You can press the profile for 2 seconds, and the profile will show Delete and Edit. You can chick Edit to remove the devices.
  • Can you share your steps? Where do you want to remote access? For WAN or LAN? If you want to do it from LAN, you can just type on your browser. If you want to access it from WAN, please check the setting on GUI >> Maintenance >> Remote Management >> Remote Access.
  • The topology should be like this. Modem<LAN>----Switch-----<WAN>Primary Multy<LAN>-------<WAN>Second Multy Or Modem<LAN>----Switch-----<WAN>Primary Multy<LAN>----Switch-----<WAN>Second Multy Please reboot them without Ethernet backhaul, then plug the cable after they boot up. If the second Multy is very far from the…
  • According to your description, your topology will look like this: Modem -----Switch-------Primary Multy |------------Second Multy It's incorrect, please follow below link to set up your system. https://homeforum.zyxel.com/discussion/2548/how-to-set-up-multy-u-wsr30-with-ethernet-backhaul#latest PS, you will have to reboot…
  • Backup Planner can do this feature, you can find it in the User interface of NAS. There is a full description of Backup Planner on User's Guide from the below link. https://www.zyxel.com/support/download_landing/product/nas326_22.shtml?c=gb&l=en&pid=20150327120001&tab=User_s_Guide&pname=NAS326
  • @Legis This is a system default setting, it will only pop up when you open this App. After you chick the "X", it will never pop up again, unless you clean the cache of this app, and reopen it. 
  • You can reset the PLA by pushing the Reset/Encrypt button for 10~15 seconds. What's the topology of your PLA system? How did you set the system after you borrowed the PLA5256? What the color of powerline LED? You can identify the transfer rate by the LED.
  • What happened with the power failure? What color of your Multy glow? Maybe you should try to factory reset your Multy instead.
  • Before you set to Bridge Mode, was the internet connection stable on NAT Mode? How many devices that connect to Multy? If they are a lot, maybe you should check the DHCP range of the Fritzbox setting. However, you can open the Multy App and run the diagnose, but there is no traffic between the internet and the primary…
  • What's the color of the LED on Multy X? What's the firmware of the Multy X? Is it the latest firmware version? You can try to use "Diagnose" on the Multy App, it will show you the connection between internet and nodes. You can also try to plug an Ethernet cable to Multy X and a PC, to test the internet. If everything is…
  • I have tried the same steps, and it worked fine. After the hard reset, the SSID of WRE6505 v2 would be "ZyXEL+(Last 6 charters of Mac Address)". I connected the SSID, and the login page would pop up, and the eaZy setting worked just fine. What phone/tablet did you use? Maybe you can do the setting on a computer, you can…
  • @Frolicuk During the installation, was there any page that asked you to choose PPPoE or Static IP? Do you try to connect your Multy directly to the Modem, not to the switch? Would it work? Which color did your Root Multy/ Second Multy show, red, white, or blue?
  • Wifi repeater will extend the wifi signal, but it will also decrease the speed of the wifi to a half. Have you ever play media from NAS on your phone, when you are in the same area as the smart TV? Is there an issue like smart TV?