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  • The timezone in Stockholm should be UTC+2, right?
  • Hi, The options of Forbidden list and Trusted list are for the threat and warning records. You can add the IP or websites which are detected as threat (AiShield will block the threats) into Trusted list, and it will allow you to access the IP or server without been filtered. And the warning record can be added to Forbidden…
  • What is the firmware version? Can you share the screenshot of the message? When you click the URL of Twonky server, it will open a new page for Twonky server. Or you can type http://nas540:9001 or http://nas-ip:9001
  • What is the Multy, Multy X, Plus., or U? Do you sign up the Zyxel account to pair with your Multy? If you do have zyxel account, you can reinstall the App, and log in the account. will the Multy appear? If it still not work, you should Send feedback from your Multy App, and Zyxel will assist you.
  • Hi What is your firmware version? Is it V5.21(AASZ.4)? I have NAS520, but I didn't have issues with creating folder or copying files. 1. Can you access to GUI, and enter Control Panel >> Shared Folders >> Add Share? Is there any error message pop up when your create the folder? 2. How do you copy the file to NAS?
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  • You can refer to this KB:!viewDetail.action?articleOid=017725&lang=EN The only way is to sign up the account, and login to your new phone.
  • 我使用Pixel 3 XL 安裝,沒有遇到這樣的問題。 你使用了哪些手機及Andriod版本安裝zcloud? 若安裝完App後你一樣可以在Play Store 中,進入此App的畫面,若此App已安裝,即可在畫面中 "開啟" 此App。 你可以從Play Store中開啟此App嗎? 大部分手機都可以以關鍵字搜尋App,可以嘗試使用關鍵字找找看。
  • I have the iQIYI VIP, and I still can watch the VIP videos during the AiShield period. You can check the blocked web URL, does it include the iqiyi link? I try to add the IQYI app into my blocked list, and it will show the iqiyi link on the blocked web URL. Can you provide the screenshot of the content filter and the…
  • Hi Do you mean the iQIYI App? Please make sure that the content filter of the profile which the iPad joins doesn't include the iQIYI App. You can check the content filter in AiShield App >> Profile >> Filter Setting >> App. There is a blocked list of the app and the website. Please remove the iQIYI app from the list.
  • maybe you can try to config the GS1200 as below setting. GS1200-5 GS1200-8
  • As I know, GS1200 series cannot set trunking port. May I know the purpose of it?
  • Sometimes, if the extender Multy doesn't get a good connection with the root one, the extender Multy may upgrade after the root node finished the upgrade process. If the extender one doesn't upgrade itself, you can try to switch the position of root and extender Multy and resetting them. the extender one will upgrade to…