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  • Hi Bella,We will do so, no problem. I will collect AP's diagnostic data right now and save it until the event re-occurs. Then I try to collect it again and provide you with both. Thanks
  • Hi Bella,Thanks for your reply. FW of our USG110: v4.65 AAPH.1 ITS-WK-32-2021-09-29-210901248 FW of the AP WAC6103D-I: v6.25 Patch 1 (v6.25 AAXH.0) Wea re aware of a newer USG firmware v4.70 which is already downloaded. But didn't find a gap in our production environment for rebooting the USG until now. Let me know if I…
  • Thanks Emily,We've exactly tried it, but the remote user was still not able to login.But since there is no other alternative command available, we will give it a re-try next time.
  • Different USG services are already phased out or will phased out during next time. See following link: With our USG110 anti-spam license is still valid but not actively used (as already said above). In…
  • No, since we've also updated the surface, also the USG A/V alerts for this device IP are gone. It confirms us that this was a false positive.
  • Normally, in my case in Germany, all emails will only be retrieved in encrypted form from ISP even if the email traffic is never end-to-end encrypted between sender and receiver. Please check your mail server behind the firewall how its retrieving the mails.For example, our mail server is using port 110 (for POP3) via "SSL…
  • This is normal behaviour when e.g. your Internet Connection fails due to different reasons. For example, we experienced problems when USG tried to renew its DHCP lease with ISP's DHCP server. Since the lease has not been renewed, the USG lost its IP and the interface WAN1 went dead. And in case you do not have a second…
  • Did you adjust any scheduled reboot under MAINTENANCE > SHUTDOWN/REBOOT ?
  • H Cooldia, Thanks for your reply. In the meantime we've done further tests. Scanning the computer using an bootable Rescue AV Scan Stick (ESET) brought no positive results.Further we've updated our Visual Studio to the latest release and since then no more virus alerts appear with the 4 development computers. Only one MS…
  • The command for Default-Rule reads:secure-policy default-rule action {allow | deny | reject} Try to "allow" it again fo getting back access.
  • If you have access again you should create a rule for admin access before settig the default policy to DENY.Additionally to protect your admin account, you should change the access port to another port than a well-known port number.Further you should allow the access to admin account from local zone only. Therefore you…
  • Thanks Podo,But the bundle license costs about 600 € !!! I won't purchase it as long as a safe activation is not guaranteed.For example, the license activation last date for Anti-Spam is already done as per 2021-06-30, but the LIC-BUN-ZZ0067F still contain Anti-Spam.
  • Hi Stan,Just learnt from mMontana's post above that there are different download opportunities for WK firmwares in place: 1: 2:…
  • Thanks Jeff, but an option "Noted" (or something like that for expert users) would be appreciated, which let the red warning message disappear after reading. Further the present button "Update Security Settings" looks like "quick & dirty" added. It sticks to the newly added separator line. It's cosmetics only, but will be…
  • Thanks Jonatan,but as said, our management access port is already different from SSL VPN access port. This was the first thing we've done after Zyxel has implemented it. BTW, for both accesses we do not use any standard ports (like 443) anymore.