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  • Hi @livealive Maybe you can refer to the FAQ and check the configuration. What's the condition for setting a roaming environment? https://businessforum.zyxel.com/discussion/479/whats-the-condition-for-setting-a-roaming-environment#latest If you have controller, you can also check system log. If the station roaming from…
  • Hi @"bengtjönsson" Go to the NXC GUI: CONFIGURATION > Object > AP Profile > SSID > Security > disable 802.11r. Kathy
  • Hi @"bengtjönsson" We have related case about the iphone roaming with 802.11r and bug fixed. Could you disable the 802.11r for testing to confirm it? Kathy 
  • Hi Armadillo, USG110 be a AP controller is okay.There is a handbook share you to conifgure the wireless service.Please refer the page 679. Set Up the AP Management on the ZyWALL/USG.ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/USG110/handbook/USG110_ZLD4.25_Handbook.pdf Kathy
  • Hi @Wilson , 1. Let the computer installed ZAC get the IP has the same subnet with the AP and switch. 2. Please confirm that you select the correct network adapter. 3. Enter the correct IP range of APs. 4. The computer must install or update the "Microsoft .NET Framework" to the latest version. 5. If your computer platform…
  • Hi @"bengtjönsson" , Have you check the ethernet traffic when the issue happen? 1. Use the SSID interface of gateway ping to the managed AP's IP.2. Use the SSID interface of gateway ping to the client's IP. Does all the station(laptops, mobile phone..etc) connect the same SSID has the problem? or only happen on the mobile…
  • Hi @henry The maximum number of client still limited to 100 subscribers no matter disable or enable the built-in authentication or set it to "user agreement". Kathy
  • Hi @Gogocar About the AD server not work, there is a Handbook you can refer to check the configuration.Please refer to the page 91.4.2 How to Configure 802.1x to Secure the Wireless Environment with an External AD Server?ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NXC5500/handbook/NXC5500_NXCControllerSeriesHandbookVersion1.pdf About the Radius…
  • Hi @Seafood4847PUPU , The WDS SSID and Pre-Shared Key must set the same between root AP and repeater. Confirm the radio channel is fixed in the same channel between root AP and repeater AP. For your case, you might need to set the root AP mac address in the repeater AP. There is a FAQ can help you.…
  • Hi @Wizard112 , There is a document can help you configure the AP by UAG. Refer to the topic "Scenario 11 – WLAN Controller Function on USG". ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/USG310/application_note/USG310_1.pdf About this topic, the USG configuration is same as the UAG. The NWA3560-N is an AP model name, you can replace it to…
  • Hi @Running_MAN The two function can be use at the same time. For your application, captive portal must redirect on controller. You might have encounter the condition like that. The tunnel mode is not allowed when using layer-2 isolation profile. You must set 1. Forwarding mode to Local Bridge. 2. Change the topology let…
  • Hi @WMichalski, Yes, this page will be updated when we release new FW with APC.Thank you for your interesting in our products. Kathy
  • Hi @WMichalski, Both NXC2500 and NXC5500 support WAC5302D-S. USG support WAC5302D-S on the next version 4.30 with APC3.0, which will be released on the end of November. Kathy