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  • Hi @HansE , In general, laptop supports wireless 5G. we suggest you to create a 5G only SSID for better throughput and the bandwidth of 5G can be 80/40MHz, (bandwidth need to consider the interference in environment. you may refer channel utilization for setting 80MHz/40MHz. or enable DCS by schedule for AP select the…
  • you may disable SSID profile in AP management >WLAN setting 
  • Hi @undsie , 


We’re thankful for your serious testing and useful feedback. 

1.mesh and roaming 

With same SSID name and same security, device can process roaming
and fast roaming between Zyxel APs. 

Our mesh can be established between Zyxel APs (It can work fine…
  •  @"陳麥可" 您好, 感謝您的提問,我們認為可能是AP 的FW(韌體)較新, NXC2500內存的FW版本較舊的原因, 我們建議您先查看AP Management>Firmware 下方有一個Check按鈕,在按Apply, 將AP FW更新後,再到Mgmt.AP list 查看AP是否可以被納管, 希望以上資訊可以幫助到您,謝謝! Silvia
  • Dear @HansE , We have some suggestions for you: 1. in Site-wide>Monitor>Clients Because 5G has less interference than 2.4G, we want device with 5G capability connect to 5G and reserve 2.4G for 802.11b/g/n devices. also check signal strength of device. 2. in Access point>Monitor>Access points check if AP with higher channel…
  • Dear @sanji20, 


Thank you
for raising questions here, 

Can you
share with us your topology and what is your AP/ router model? 

If you are
using our AP, we suggest you to use ZON to check APs’ status, the download
  • Dear @ponG86, 


Thank you
for raising questions here, 

you may use ZON to check APs’ status. 



We suggest
you to upgrade FW to latest version if you have once successfully boot up…
  • Hi @AxL1971 , Thank you for raising questions. Because NWA50AX and NWA55AX are designed for small business, they don’t support Guest network. The function table can be found in Nebula: Help>Device function table>SB Access point if you want to purchase AP with Guest network function, Please refer NWA110AX or NWA1123ACv3:…
  • Hi @GianGR , In Access point>Configure>SSID availability, can set up SSID scheulde. If you have switch, you may also set up PoE schedule on your switch. You need to create time range first. In PoE set up page, choose the time range you created. Hope the above information help you. Thank you for raising questions. Silvia
  • Hi @Dbarbosasx , 

In Windows Server, there are two policy
folders under [NPS > Policy].
Based on the log you provided, the issue is relating to the first folder
misconfiguration named “Connection Request Policy” (CRP). 

Policies in this folder are used to define
if the server should user…
  • Hi @Pilgerheim , Here is a function compare table for you. The NWA50AX is designed for small business, there is some function that NWA50AX doesn't support. you may also refer datasheet for more information https://download.zyxel.com/NWA50AX/datasheet/NWA50AX_3.pdf https://download.zyxel.com/WAX510D/datasheet/WAX510D_7.pdf…
  • Hi @JeffRyer, we have SSID schedule, please refer this post: https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/9930/nebula-how-to-configure-ssid-schedule#latest we also have PoE schedule, the configuration page is at Switch > Configure > PoE Schedules. hope the above function meet your need. Thank you for raising questions. Silvia
  • Hi @businessuer, Welcome to Zyxel community. we would suggest you to use ZON to scan the device in the same subnet. You can download our tool: Zyxel ONE Network
Utility (ZON).(download link: https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/Zyxel-ONE-Network-Utility-ZON-Utility/ ) 

You can connect your computer directly…
  • Dear @Dbarbosasx , Thank you for raising questions. we have a post about how to set up radius server, please refer: https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/10294/nebula-how-to-setup-sign-in-method-with-my-radius-server#latest If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you. Silvia
  • Hi @mMontana , 


Thank you for sharing your concerns. 

We can use ZON to scan the Zyxel product in
the same subnet include the firewall, switch and AP. 

And we can also check device status on ZON. 

Please mind to select the correspond
network adapter. 

You can…