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  • Thx Guys. I think I'll try the NAT approach, since the redirect function only support HTTP / SMTP (for some reason)
  • I just ran a couple of tests using, and see little difference from V4.64(AAPH.0) to V4.65(AAPH.0). I'm maxxing out my USG110 at around 500-800Mbit down / 500Mbit up (Varies from test to test). No UTM service is active.
  • My USG110 on 4.65 has rebooted twice today. Have sent PM with diag files
  • Had a reboot on my updated USG110 today. Do I have to connect a console cable for setting up the console log?
  • Have not seen any reboots yet, but it’s too soon to conclude that the problem is fixed. Will require some weeks. Luckly the router is monitored, so I’ll know for sure if it happens
 Sure. I'll upgrade and monitor it. , for potential re-occurance.
  • Hi, Hihacking this thread a bit. I've got an USG110 on V4.62(AAPH.0), where I falsely thought that our Internet connection was the issue, but today I noticed that it's actually the USG rebooting. So thinking back the router has probably caused this, since upgrading to 4.62 mid January. Is there also a pre-fix for the…
  • Hi @mocr. Interesting possible workaround. I'm also still 
struggling getting a viable solution up and running for multicast + mDNS. 
It seems like more and more products are utilizing multicast, so one 
should think there were more solutions out there. Did you test the bonjour-reflector?When
 I search for…
 Ok, thanks for your reply. This is, needless to say, sad news. Will see what options we have then. Hopefully this will be implemented in the USG range soon :)
  • I think that you can/need to do something specific on the UniFi USG. It just can't match the Zyxel USG110 for me, so I'm really keen on keeping the router. My multicast works across my VLAN's, but mDNS doesn't :( This might be a good help for you, with the UniFi USG:…
  • Fixed! Removed the static VLAN config on GS1920, now it's working :)
  • My subnet on WAN1 is, but it's also the only physical WAN connection I've got, so I assume WAN2 is useless in this case. I dont' quite understand your second option, but just for clarification I'd like to map one of my multiple WAN1 IP addresses to the DMZ.
  • You were quite right. I could disable the virtual interface and it works fine. Can't explain why I ever did that, probably lack of knowledge :).Again, thanks for your help
  • The problem is on the WAN side. I have 5 IP addresses on the same fiber, and I use both NAT + outbound routing for different services. From what I've seen, additional WAN IP addresses needs to be added as virtual WAN ports "under" WAN1.
  • This would be very useful. It's now the third time I really could have used this and there doesn't seem to be any practical workarounds.

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