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  • I had tried leaving it for up to half an hour but following @tonygibbs16 advice I left it overnight. Bingo, the light is now solid. Longest firmware upgrade ever? I will try adding it to the collective again.
    Раздел: Multy X permanently blinking white Комментарий от jeremy_gerbil 20 апр
  • Press and hold reset before power on: the white LED comes on solid, but every 10 seconds or so will flicker briefly. This repeated as long as I held the reset down - about 3 min. When I released the reset it continued to do this indefinitely. Press reset for 10-15 sec while white LED is flashing on and off - has no effect…
    Раздел: Multy X permanently blinking white Комментарий от jeremy_gerbil 3 апр
  • I got my Synology NAS to set it up via UPnP from DSM (Control Panel > External Access > Router Configuration). Seems to be the only way.
  • I just want all access to my external static IP with the default http port 80 to be forwarded to the Web server (also port 80) on the NAS. (Also applies to default https port 443). So the public don't have to remember to add a special port number when accessing my website. If I want to access the management Web interface…
  • Actually cancel that. When I looked at UPnP Table, I discovered that most of the ports that I wanted to forward were already forwarded in there - though I don't know how, I didn't do it. The only ones not there are for FTP/SFTP (21/22) - anyone know how to add those? 
  • I can't get this to work. I have ABK J.4 firmware. Say I want to forward incoming requests for port 80 to my internal Web server (NAT) on IP I would enter 80 for internal and external port, and the IP address for Device IP. As soon as I enter the port number for External, the message "The port was reserved…