[NEBULA] How to access Captive Portal login page

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How to access the Captive Portal login page

When a station(client) is associated to an SSID that has captive portal configured, there are some behavior differences for how to open captive portal depending on your configurations. After our phase2 release, there were more configurations for captive portal control thus the below will describe the differences between phase1/2 and how the behavior performs. 

In Phase1 (Firwmare on v1.01)
You will be redirected to the captive portal when you access HTTP or HTTPS websites.
For example type any HTTP websites like "www.zyxel.com" or HTTPS websites "https://www.wikipedia.org" in your browser to be redirected to portal page.

In Phase 2 (Firmware after v1.02)
Captive portal access attribute(Strict Policy) is introduced as a new configuration allowing you to choose between giving access to HTTPS website or block all websites before signing in, the walled garden mechanism acts as a role to control the access therefore having some behavior differences. 

The below you can choose upon which behavior you prefer and the configurations need to fulfill

Behavior 1. Captive portal can only be redirected when open HTTP websites.
The configuations needed for this behavior is as below, note that HTTPS website will be blocked and display "website cannot be reached" on your browser.
  • Walled garden: On
  • Strict Policy: Block all access until sign on

Behavior 2. Captive portal can be loaded when open HTTP or HTTPS websites.
To allow your portal behavior to load like phase1, use the set of configurations below.
  • Walled garden: Off
  • Strict Policy: Block all access until sign on