What to Expect from the Upcoming Zyxel Account 3.0 Launch

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Dear Zyxel Users,

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Zyxel Account 3.0, set to roll out shortly. While the process remains familiar, you'll notice some refreshing changes aimed at enhancing your experience.

What Stays the Same

Your sign-in process is as straightforward as ever. You'll continue to use your existing email address and password to access the Zyxel services.

What's New

To offer more flexibility and convenience, we've introduced additional sign-in options:

  • Continue with Google
  • Continue with Apple

Experience the Change Across Devices

This new sign-in page will be live across various platforms, including:

  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Whether you're accessing the Nebula Mobile app, Astra app or using a Zyxel service through a web browser, the new sign-in experience will be ready for you.

We are eager to share these improvements with our community and look forward to you joining us in exploring the new features of Zyxel Account 3.0.

Thank you for being a part of the Zyxel!

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  • MTTS
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    I hope you get the bug(s) worked out during this transition. I put in a ticket for a device and got an email reply from support, but was unable to send the message in reply on the website. Just got a 403 error when clicking submit.

    The entire message was lost.

  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @MTTS,

    May I know which device you mentioned? Could you share the screenshot of that page and the ticket number? Please send these information via private message, thanks.

    Zyxel Melen

  • ESupport
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    Does this mean you switch from the data-privacy-friendly hcaptcha to googles recaptcha?