[Nebula] Nebula license calculate mechanism.

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Nebula control center license is an organization based, license points are all consumed by all devices within the same organization. Please refer to the figure below for a clear explanation:

1. Free organization license status.

2. Register one bundle device for one year, 2020-08-14 to 2021-08-15.

3. Go to Organization-wide > Configure > License management to verify the expiration date, remaining days and how many devices consuming the license points.

4. Register a non-bundle device and you will notice that the NCC expiration date got shorten from 2021-08-15 to 2021-02-13.

5. Go to Organization-wide > Configure > License management, and double-check the expiration date and remaining days again, you will see that the expiration date becomes 2021-02-13 with 183 days remaining, because there are two devices registered in the organization.


6. Let’s register 10 NCC points and check the status. 


7. Click the “Activate” to add the 10 NCC points, please notice the expiration date and the remaining days. 

8. In the confirm window, you could see the before/after expiration date, click the “Confirm” button. 

9. Go to Organization-wide > Configure > License management, after registering 10 NCC points the expiration date will be extended from 2021-02-13 to 2021-04-07.

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