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  • Thanks for the reply, @Alfonso. What configuration detail to you think of? I thought, we described the setup rather clearly above ...?
  • Thanks for the replay, @Nebula_Chris. What we want, is a simple routing of the subnets on WAN1 and on LAN1 (and only those two subnets) without any firewall interference. As far as I can see, 1:1 NAT (as the name already says) only alows the mapping of one public IP to one private IP. At…
  • Thanks for the replay, @Nebula_Barney, there had indeed been a port down on that ap, but after the port had come up again, the AP stayed in repeater mode and never changed back by itself to root / normal infrastructure mode. It don't think that's the way Smart Mesh is ment to be, is it?
  • Also gateways don't use changed descriptions / names of nebula devices als client description. So beside the automatic correct display of client descriptions of all nebula internal devices with changed description / name, it would be really helpful, if once changed client names (e.g. in Switch > Client) would be also used…
  • Thanks for the reply, @ivers! We (of course) tried that before this post. Unfortunately neither the 1:1 NAT, nor the Virtual Server settings seem to allow "any" IPs or whole subnets with all ports as mappings. We simply need all traffic (including e.g. pings over ICMP) to pass from on WAN1 to…
  • OK, that's also what we assumed, @Nebula_Barney, but - even in case there had been a outage of the LAN port - the AP never changed back to root by itself, only when turning of Smart Mesh. Assignment of the IPs including the gateway is done via DHCP for all devices and it was only one of the APs changing to wireless uplink,…
  • Sure. There isn't any issue with requests coming from 10.0/24 and going to the Internet. As answers from Internet > external Router > NSG > NSW > NAP > Client work fine, I assume the static route in the uplink router does its job. It's simply that there isn't any place in NCC where we can set a firewall rule allowing all…
  • Thanks for your reply! That's also what we assumed ... ;) We couldn' find a way to set up firewall rules allowing incoming traffic to subnet on LAN1 from subnet on WAN1 - the other way works (of course). What we need would be a bi-directional routing between those two subnets over the NSG,…
  • +1 Feature seems to be implemented partly meanwhile, e.g. the name of a switch, AP, or gateway can be set, but nevertheless this name does not show up (cannot be configured as additional column for display) in Inventory. Furthermore the name <> MAC matching doesn't seem to be used in the description colum of switch…
  • How exactly is the current logic behind the "smart" mesh? We e.g. enabled the feature on one site where all APs are connected via LAN and one of the APs then randomly decided to move the uplink to a wireless connection to another AP instead of the well working (faster) LAN interface. Is that by intention? Will there be a…
  • What's the best practice currently for turning off WiFi (completely = not only hiding SSID) during night for certain APs? As far as we can see, this only seems to be possible by creating a PoE schdule on the switches which leads to unwanted alert notifications / emails on the respective APs whenever they go down? Wouldn't…
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