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  • vsbb

    It's working again! Thank you!

    5月 16 日
  • BenHead

    Linked from…

    …I'm seeing similar but different issues since yesterday. I'm getting no information when I click on a specific switch port. Here's a sample screenshot:

    4月 16 日
    • vsbb


      I still have issues with the login. After the verification code, I click on nebula and it takes me back to the login screen. Seems to be a DNS issue.

      I'm in Switzerland.

  • vsbb

    Hi, I still can't connect to the nebula site. After loging in and send the verification code and chosing Nebula in the next step (instead of Orchestra) it sets me back to the login site again.

    5月 16 日
  • Gardis

    Nebula app and site dosent work in Sweden.

    5月 15 日
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