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Есть NSG100+GS1920-24v2. В Nebula не активен GS1920-24v2. Нет просмотра портов, показывает "отключено". Постоянно предлагает обновить прошивку, хотя ZON обновился на свежую прошивку. На myzyxel тоже все Inactive. Помогите победить эту зибулу.


  • Nebula_Adam
    Nebula_Adam Публикаций: 70  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @woodoo

    Since the switch is not online on Nebula Control Center, may you please help us to enable Zyxel support which is located at Help > Support request page. We would like to check the issue on your Org.

    In addition, please also login to Web GUI of GS1920-24 to collect tech support "all" for us.
    Path: Management > Maintenance > Tech-Support

    Please PM me your Org name and the tech support.
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