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  • I can confirm updating to the Chromium Edge version resolved the vertical menu bar issue. Alcindo
  • 4.35 firmware is now available on (since October 8th 2019)
  • Hi Stanley, Has this issue been resolved? Can you share a how-to? This is a very common issue. We work-around it very often by asking to change from SIP over UDP to SIP over TCP. But I have not had any luck in getting WAN and LAN traces before and after to find the root cause. Best regards, Alcindo
  • ZyWALL's (and any other public facing IAD) should have LetsEncrypt support as standard. I.e. configure the FQDN of the ZyWALL. Link it to the WAN the FQDN is is on. Enable "Use LetsEncrypt certificate", press Apply. And the ZyWALL should do all of this including the periodic renewal automatically. This will make easy to…
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