• I don't know how many people does have this problem NOW, but this is an undergoing iussue. The multimedia idea that is lying on those years is the byod model, that is taking over even into hospitality. What people demands is 60% netflix, 30% youtube, 20% the rest. AirPlay does not support Netflix. Philips has huge security…
  • Yup. i can do that. Each room cannot see each other but they can see the server (port non isolated on same vlan, tested and happily working). I wish to go one step further: example, i need that ports 12-13 belongs to room 101, ports 14-15 to room 102. I need room 101 to be isolated from room 102. This becouse chromecast's…
  • Well.. i'd expect to know that my client is connected to the switch "X" at port "Y" so i can locate physically where it is. Also, i am noticing that there's not a clients tab in "site-wide" tab. Maybe (i would also ask to the others) it could be useful have a summary page.
  • Another thing, i've found pretty confusing understand where a client is connected to. it says "Put a gateway here", but i'd wish better to see "i am coonected to switch Y port Z",and then maybe "managed by gateway X"