• Hi Tried your suggestions again... and as per the Dec11 reply, the bin file is ignored on the TFTP server, and you can see the inbound requests from teh TFTP (thus confirmed it is working) looking for the file below, which it cannot fine (as I dont have it!). mlinux_mi124_f1e.lzma.uImage Again, the commands atna, atns…
  • Hi there Thanks for your reply. I am still stuck - the instructions you sent in the link are for a different AP model - and the The AP is a NWA-1121-NI and I beleive the recovery instructions are those below:!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=014292&lang=EN My device does not have…
  • Hi - just to be clear - as I understand it, the two recovery files needed to be tftp'ed to the device are within the bin file - and I need to unzip the bin file in the above provided zip. I cannot seem to extract anything from the bin file. Thanks
  • Many thanks for the zip. I cannot extract the two files the recovery process needs from the BIN contained in the zip.... can you confirm that is what is expected? Thank you