• No comments from Zyxel. Weird. Where's the release notes?
  • Just tested the speed. Server discovery for speedtest on my phone is less that 1 sec. Download speed > 1Gb Server Discovery for speedtest on WiFi6/1.2Gb connection to Nebula > 15 sec. Download speed < 200Mb Nebula and phone connected to same 5G cell on same network from same carrier. CPU power on phone and Nebula probably…
  • I managed to changed it to use google dns ( and as DNS service C:\Users\NilsB>nslookup 3.dkServer: dns.googleAddress: Non-authoritative answer:Name: 3.dkAddresses: 2a02:aa0:28:a000::1007 C:\Users\NilsB>tracert Tracing route to []over a maximum of 30…
  • I have tried to change DNS settings on NEBULA "From ISP" to "static" and entered And turned IPv6 off as ISP apparently do not provide a IPv6 DNS server Rebooted router DNS1 and 2 still comes from ISP. So I'm apparently not allowed to change DNS setting. I have attached screendumps
  • And heres the trace router executed from nebula admin URL * traceroute to (, 32 hops max, 38 byte packets * 1 * * * * 2 ( 24.666 ms 10.406 ms 15.789 ms * 3 ( 10.239 ms 11.488 ms 11.330 ms * 4 ( 10.754 ms 15.088 ms…
  • And here's the trace route to speedtest including the nslookup. Same problem with timeout after
  • Attached a trace router to Timeout after I have tried several other locations, and they all time out after
  • The information have been obtained while the units were in exact samt location 5cm apart. The info from the Samsung were from APP "LTE discovery"
  • Further elemination of possible errors. Tests performed against 2 different speed testing sites on 2 different browsers. Same results on all 4 scenarios. Nebula NR5101 takes 30 - 45 seconds for server discovery. My Samsung S21 takes less than 1 second. The 2 sites could however potentially use same server discovery method
  • "We suggest to consider the result as a reference." I dont buy the explanation The 2 unit are operating on same band 78 (3500Mhz). Test on Nebula NR5101 is performed without any load from other units than the one performing the test Test on NR5101 has also been performed with WiFi on unit disabled. Same result Same result…
  • I'm well aware of all the functionality mentioned. What I was missing was the MESH. And that is apparently not a functionality even though the unit can handle 64 units. Is it expected to have 64 units wirelessly within WiFI coverage range of a few meters?? Strange idea. But that's why the MESH would be an obvious addon. 
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