• Hi, Latest firmware is available there: https://www.studerus.ch/fr/support/downloadcenter. I had the "official" download link from Zyxel. Lost it ! I'm not from Zyxel :-) Christophe.
  • Hi Bob, Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations. I'm trying to cope with the lack of QOS parameters (wireless/lan). IP passthrough could have been a way by forwarding all the wireless traffic to another equipment apply QOS and send it back to the Zyxel router... There are some very basic QOS functions available at Zysh…
  • Thanks Bob. (1) IPv6: make sense, that's clear now :-) (2) Zyxel wireless clients: - no internet connectivity at all (as soon as I activate IP passthrough) - IPv4 allocated by Zyxel router DHCP pool - can ping Zyxel router / open Zyxel GUI - no IPv6 address allocated (3) Zyxel lan clients (reminder 1st port is used for…
  • Hi, You can use: cfg cellwan_mapn edit --Index 1 --AP_Enable 0 to disconnect cfg cellwan_mapn edit --Index 1 --AP_Enable 1 to reconnect Index being the apn index from the gui. Hope its helps :-) Christophe.
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