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  • Thank you... it works!
  • Hi,the fiber cable is 200m long.... I bought a strap LC/LC to do a test and everything went .... so i understood that the problem was the connection.... I have solved... The work of connecting the fiber to the optical drawer was bad. I called a company that certifies the fiber lines, now everything works. Thank you
  • Hi, @Zyxel_Vic we have a hardware firewall with a firmware. No longer a hardware firewall but i having a virtual firewall in a hypervisor or cloud.I can configure all lan interfaces in virtual, i can create an HA. For example, i can install Windows Server 2016 or Debian in a hypervisor, i can create copies of the VMs. I…
  • For skype there is the service "App Patrol". In this section, you can block or allow or reject apps. You can even customize it.
    in Web Auth Comment by Daniel_LU July 2018
  • Hi @rob_jpt you can do this: Configuration--->UTM Profile--->Content Filter--->ADD--->Custom Service---->check "Enable custom service", check "Allow web traffic for trusted web site only", if you want check "Check common trusted/forbidden List". Create rule in "Policy control"
    in Web Auth Comment by Daniel_LU July 2018
  • Hi @valdeloirevelo I understand a little french....but i can not write french Anyway you must create TRUNK rules and SNAT or only SNAT rules. Bye
  • Hi @Alex if you create a 
VLAN, for example VLAN50 (192.168.50.xxx) and you want certain switch 
ports to assign the 192.168.50.xxx addresses then you connect the 
devices in the ports with the PVID. Example from 
port 10 to port 15 of the switch you set the PVID to 50 and the 5 ports 
with this…
  • Hi @Rudolf if you want to 
buy a USG NEXT GEN firewall, i should know how many devices are 
connected to your network (Servers, VOIP phones, PCs, nas, rdx, WIFI devices like 
smartphones, laptops.....) For example, you
 have 50 devices then you have to buy a USG-210 because if you went to 
buy a USG-110…
  • Hi @alexey if i understood correctly, you want to route or balance IPSEC VPN traffic to specific WAN. You must use VTI! Bye
  • Hi @Zyxel_Cooldia if the default port has been changed, you need to create and add the service. Hi @Patrick if you need help I'll write you step by step. Bye
  • You see in: Object--->Services---->Service Group---->Default_Allow_WAN_To_ZyWALL. If there isn't HTTPS as a member, VPN SSL don't work. Do you have changed the default port? Bye
  • Hi, i installed fw 4.31 and now i haven't had any problems. Bye bye
  • Hi, do you have ssl inspection or content filtering active?