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Hi, I've decided to perform a IPsec VPN connection. With some difficults I've make a connection with ShrewSoft SW and tunnel is established. I've got a fixed public address IP on USG20W device and a dynamic address IP on remote PC (with a Subnet identical to USG20W device 192.168.1.y) . After making the VPN Connection no problems occurs so, I can see and ping my address IP (setted on LAN as and USG20W Firewall ( from remote computer but I can't see the server or any other computer/device connected on the LAN. I've try to make some Security Policy to "open" the firewall but without results, also if disabling Security Policy nothing changey. What can I do to view the entiere network from remote connected device? Is a NAT problem? Can I pass throught this problem? Thanks in advance for your reply. Dario.


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