• Thanks Emily, that worked
    in Nebula Comment by Darren February 26
  • Above is the 2 x USG's Below is the Sonicwall Below is the arp table for CES00011087 Cisco Internet - f07f.0694.154f ARPA Vlan10 Internet 6 18b1.693e.0119 ARPA Vlan10 Internet 2 18b1.693e.0119 ARPA Vlan10 Internet 223 18b1.693e.0119 ARPA Vlan10…
  • Thanks Ian31/Zyxel_Cooldia Looking at the packet trace 12:33:11 i can see the USG40 on bc:99:11 send an ARP which is replied by Cisco on f0:7f:06 which is what i would expect to see. Any ideas
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