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  • @Zyxel_Charlie Hi, thanks for the reply!I need to give access personally for a specific user to a specific ip on a specific port.Example:from: User123Service: 3389 As I understand it, I can’t manage the firewall policies so flexibly using the radius service? When using rsa on the zywall side…
  • Выяснил в чем проблема. Дело в том, что Phase 1 нужно указывать шифрование 3des - стандартные настройки windows, можно изменить в брандмауэре. 
  • The client receives the same ip. With Nebula authentication, the same situation.
  • Hi Nebula_Bayardo Frimware V5.50(ABHD.2)
  • We use web authentication, a button is built into the web page that redirects to the page for sending a password via SMS. This is necessary in order not to change the password manually and not give out passwords to employees, they do everything on their own. As login, use the phone number of the employee. Technically, the…
  • @RUnglaube Access points work in the same l2 network, roaming works fine, but if you disconnect wifi and go to the access point on which the first entrance to the network was not performed, then the login and password to the network will be requested - captive portal.
  • Already solved the problem. We do not use fast roaming, we need Web authentication. We send passwords to wifi via SMS, which are registered in mysql. We use 15 access points, made the network open, users authenticate with zywall usg 310, the network works as we need. If we use the hotspot built into the access point, the…