• Hi @tonygibbs16 Not sure when it's from: V550ABPM5C0 If you're an end user you need to contact your ISP to obtain the supervisor pw (they might refuse if you're still in contract/using their connectivity). Otherwise contact your supplier for the FW and supervisor password.
  • It is supported, I've been using it. You need to login as Supervisor to be able to see the TR-069 page on the GUI.
  • I think it's 32 per SSID, so not ideal but you could separate your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels and you'd be able to have 64. Also it's recommended that IOT (smart) devices are put on a guest network anyway, so in theory you could have 128 devices (2.4G and 5G regular network + same on guest network).
  • It should be here: ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/VMG1312-B10D/firmware/VMG1312-B10D_5.13(AAXA.7)C0.zip Or here: ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/VMG1312-B10D/firmware/VMG1312-B10D_5.13(AAXA.7)C0.zip But the above hasn't worked properly for me in about a week. I thought my IP was being blocked, but because of your post I'm thinking maybe Zyxel…
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