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  • Can only answer the first question, on my system no cpu usage when no activity, so it is not normal I think. Is there anything in the log? Maybe a disk with bad sectors that the NAS constantly is trying to handle? Are the leds on the NAS blinking?
  • Thought I had answered this, but seems to be lost in cyberspace. What I did is remove disk 1 and windows explorer shows that disk 2 has 6 TB available. So the size of disk 1 is leading if you have two disks attached.Put the biggest disk in bay 1. Problem solved.
  • I took out the 2TB disk and then windows 10 exporer showed 6TB available for the second disk in bay 2. So if you have a smaller disk in the first bay that size overrules that of the one in the second bay. Don't know if this is a NSA-325 problem or a windows explorer issue. Solution: keep the biggest disk in the first bay!…
  • yourphone is used to connect an android phone to the PC. It mirrors the screen of the phone to the desktop. But it causes problems if you have SMBv1 running.
  • Found it: yourphone app is causing the SMBv1 protocol to fail. Remove this (just disable is not enough) and it will work again at least for me. Why is Microsoft doing these kind of things?
  • Tried everything, diasbled firewalls etc. No clue. Thinking about buying a new NAS. But certainly no Zyxel for me anymore, the helpdesk replied with 'no support anymore, just buy a new one'. OK, but none of your products.
  • I can connect to the NAS on top-level and view the volumenames, there are two internal and two external disks. When I click on the external disks the content is displayed, when I click on an internal disk the system asks for references. This behaviour started since last update of Windows 10. Maybe it has nothing to do with…
  • Yes I am sure, W-Drive_D is displayed as \\zyx06\p6_internal_02. What I can try is swapping the disks and find out what happens. I let you know. Thanks.
  • It is about te P6_Internal_02 disk. I also have an external 4TB attached to the NAS, the size of this drive is shown correctly in windows 10 file explorer. However the internal disk in bay 2 only shows 1,79 TB available. Could it have anything to do with the smaller disk being loaded in bay 1? In the Zyxel GUI this is…