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  • Hello Joslyn & 唐小鴨 Thanks for the hint & solution. I did not know this option yet but I do now. @Joslyn OT - as for this line: "That's why we encourage all customers register their APs on the Nebula." Excuse me, encourage is a nicer word for pressuring/harassing customers to use the desired platform. I do not like cloud, I…
  • Hello Panda Chang Thanks for your feedback. I tried the wizard and the time was set to 01:00 o'clock and not at 02:00 resp. 03:00 o'clock. As for the wizard in general. It is nice to have some help in this form, as long as it is optional. On the NWA1123-Acv2 the wizard can be cancelled and won't start again until the AP is…
Hello PeterUK Thanks for testing. No, there are no UTM profiles active and customer has no license.
Hello Jeremylin Yes, the problem is the same with or without this option.
  • HI Emily That is what I feared. I also had an incorrect gateway-configuration. Now I deleted all and created 1 certificate, 1 IKEv2 gateway and 1 IKEv2 connection with a local policy that covers the entire network. In Security Policy Control I created 3 rules, bottom up: incoming from ipsec VPN (in IKEv2_Client_Pool),…
Hello Alfonso Thanks for the reply/advise. Since 1990 I spent my time with client/server and many other thing but only the last 2 year I get to work closely with networking equipment (job-change). Before I requested connections and functions, now I have to design and implement them myself, next to the other work that…
  • Hello Emily Thanks for the handbook-link, 365 Pages about VPN should give me something to read for the next few weeks. There seem to be a lot of possible configuration-topics, I just hope I find the global explanation about how, during a vpn-connect, the selection of the available gateways and connections are made. Usually…
  • Hello Plats, thanks for the comment. What you described, I already used a few times but this time it was different. I started the USG210, went through this annoying assistant and came to the registration. opened the portal, signed in, entered an identification so I see what device belongs to what customer and…
  • Hello Joslyn Thank you very much for the solution and the way to get this update installed in a controlled way. As soon as the update is there, we'll give it a testrun and then install it in the customers network. Greetings Eric
  • Hello Joslyn The customer has wishes and needs but no knowledge of this system, that would be my job. This was my first WLAN Controller from Zyxel that I could install. I did not change the upgrade mode so it is good to know, that this will mean some downtime for all access points as well. Greetings Eric
  • Hello Joslyn Thank you very much for the reply. That sounds exactly like what our customer is looking for. So this firmware 5.40 will be for the NXC2500 oder do the access points need to have an update too? Thanks again Eric