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  • @Hummel thank you for your time and effort. I'm not so good with installing http servers and whatnot, I googled it but it's too technical. I'll just leave it here. I've tried whatever I can do to no avail. Best thing to do is change my ISP now. Thanks.
  • @Hummel ah you mean I should enter in the browser and run the check. Sorry am not so technical with the words. This is what it says when I enter it in the browser + run the check: I'm afraid it's not going to open. Tried it with 1119. Tried it with firewall down. Tried it with DMZ (then still only…
  • @Hummel, I have tried running the game and checking if ports are open. Staying closed. How can I enable the http server to listen to the port?
  • @Hummel Thank you for your reply. As I can see you have the same modem and you are able to open port 6120. So I guess I'm doing something wrong. I indeed try to connect to the Blizzard Network to play games. This was possible till I got this new modem. Blizzard says I need to have those ports open to get connected. I have…
  • @Hummel the firmware version is 1.00(AASL.8)C0