• Hi @Nebula_Freda All the testings were done when there was no one (intensive) using the wifi, maybe someone on Facebook, but not streaming or gaming. The strange thing is that most of the time it's absolutely not stable, but then sometimes it is stable. This is what I get now on the 5Ghz. When it is stable it's only for a…
  • Hello @Nebula_Freda Below you can see how the the access points are mounted. When I do the testing I go stand in front of it and hold my laptop in the air :sweat_smile: I found this really weird, because it has worked perfectly like this for over a year now and nothing has changed. Many thanks!
  • Hello @Nebula_Freda Thank for this fast reply. I just did another test, again within 1m from the AP. SSID: Linksys306_5GHz Tx rate: 288 Rx rate: 260 Location: First floor AP MAC: 04:BF:6D:16:XX:XX Computer MAC: A4:83:E7:BF:XX:XX Thanks!