• HI Richard, I completely get it now! Sorry I confused myself thinking that I would need to vlan AP in order for the clients connecting to it to be on that specific subnet, but it's the clients that connect to that SSID that will take on the VLAN set. Though I'm intrigued as to why I still cannot set the AP with a different…
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  • Thanks Richard, I've done the above, but the IP address for the AP on the floor I want segregated is still on the same subnet as the other two. On the Zyxel router I've created another interface group and Vlan 10. I'm not sure as to why it's not taking the new subnet on Vlan 10
  • HI Richard, The client in this case is spread across 3 floors, the basement and the 1st which they want a mesh Wireless network and then the 2nd floor which they require a wireless network that is completely segregated from the former on a different subnet. Yes that's correct, to broadcast a different VLAN SSID that is…