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  • Can they access the content of all folders or is the issue only that they can see the folders?
    in NAS 326 Comment by Johan March 2018
  • ZyWALL USG 20W Stützt nicht UPnP / Does not support UPnP. The newer USG20W-VPN however does. If possible avoid UPnP.
    in USG20W Comment by Johan October 2017
  • You have two major choices in types of products: Powerlines (PLA series) or Extender/Access point. The very best option for a stable connection and good signal is to drag/pull a cable from your router to your second floor. Then connect it to an access point to send out signal. Alternative if you do not want to or can not…
  • @SrAudio What product is it you have?
  • @Fredzoul1 His router has UPnP as specified in original post. However I believe his router have issues with the UPnP. But I have yet not the information of which model his router is.
  • Slightly unknown terrain. But if it acts as most network equipment it can not keep link/connectivity between all devices at different speeds. So I do suspect you would still be running at the lower speed for as long as you have got a single unit paired & connected to the units capable of higher speed. I doubt this should…
  • The WAH7706 uses Samba (SMB/CIFS) To share folders/files from the SD-Card on your network. Unless you have a way to access Samba shares from the iPad or iPhone I am afraid it will not be possible. I do not have much experience with Apple products so I would recommend contacting Apple to ask them the question if there is…
  • It does sound like your router is the issue yes, what is the model?
  • Could you try a more basic configuration to check if it is a bug with specific configuration? For example do a reset then only set up the WAN interface and see if the issue still comes back. If it does I would recommend reporting it as RMA to the ZyXEL Support. If it does not come back, add the configuration you want…
  • Then what you want to set up is a client to site VPN-tunnel. I do not believe it is possible to set up a client to site VPN on a VMG8924-B10A, only site to site. So for you I believe the way to go would be setting up a client to site VPN-server on a computer behind the router. This computer would of course need to be…
  • My beloved way to find the NAS is open up the web-interface for your router and look in the DHCP-table/Client list to find the IP for the NAS. Then enter the IP for the NAS in the adress-field of your browser. (This is in your local area network only).
  • You need to post this as a reply to this post: You application will not be included if posted here.
  • Yes they work together. (Entire PLA5000 series work with each other). Remember your speed will be limited by the slowest unit.
  • What configuration do you do on it? Just regular wizard & changing SSID & wireless password/pre-shared key? Or do you change anything else?
  • I would recommend for business products. I could be wrong but I do not think the ZyWALL USG20 supports limiting traffic per user. But again I would recommend the forum above.