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  • I found how to change the ID/PW finally. Now if I could just find out more about the NWA50az and AP on Flex 100w! Thanks!
  • Yes it's worth it…4 4K cams all on Flex 100w Wifi working fine except for the one that I'm trying to find a solution for. Still looking for someone to help me change ID/PW on NWA50ax from Nebula so I can use it w/o nebula and just use the web interface.
  • Obvious I'm not really sure what I'm doing. This nebula is confusing and I would rather use the web interface. Since I could not get an IP I connected and went to nebula and created my site and everything and now it's got a IP address. When I go to the web interface I can't log in with default UN/Password since it appears…
  • APs are new to me and never worked with them. So you are saying that the Flex 100W cannot be the root IP which controls the attaching devices IP? Sorry if I'm not understanding and documentation is very basic that I've been able to find….
  • So somehow when connecting via Nebula, my NWA50ax got asssigned a new user for admin and password so I cannot log in via the web interface. How do I reset the password so I can log into the NWA50ax directly? I think the ip address by default is but that's in use but why doesn't DHCP give it a different ip?
  • I purchased the Zyxel NWA50ax but it seems I can't figure out how to get it to connect to the network. I have a cable connected to the "uplink" of the nwa50ax and the other end on the port for my wifi but it's not getting an ip address? What am I missing? Thanks
  • Can you explain what you mean by "Just not with the built in wifi"? Thanks!
  • Sorry…..don't understand "just not with the built in wifi"
  • But I have 4 other 4k cams on the same Flex 100 and they stream just fine……locally and via internet…. I can see the extender gag when it's being put to work….ping times 1ms then I ask it to do a simple task like go to another part of setup such as network and I lose connection…..then it slowly comes back with high ping…
  • Wierd….the manual talks about Zmesh…..don't understand why I can't setup a mesh…… Guess Asus just makes it easy…..Get a good router add a cheap Asus router and turn on AiMesh and they connect sleeplessly and continue working…..roaming is so good. I purchase this replacement FW because it supposedly has a mesh capability…
  • But wouldn't I need an extender that works in AP mode?
  • I can't find this in the US but what about Zyxel WiFi 6 AX1800 Wireless Gigabit Access Point | Mesh, Seamless Roaming, & MU-MIMO | WPA3-PSK Security | Cloud, App or Direct Management | POE+ or AC Powered | AC Adapter Included | NWA50AX ??
  • Internet 290 Mbps down/23 Mbps up I have several 4K Cams and all work fine through the 100W, it's just this one that chokes when going through my Netgear EX3700 extender. Not Cat5 to extender it's working via wifi connection….. Suggestions?? Thanks
  • Also, in the interface I don't see anything about Zymesh…. Does it have to be inabled? Under Config/Object there is no Zymesh Profile…. Sorry if I'm asking a lot of dumb questions 🙃
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