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  • Hi Mijzelf, thank you very much for you attention and all information. I am not in my hometown these days, but as soon as I get home I will test everything!!
  • Hi, thanks again for relying. When I get home will test it. Regarding the process:* python /usr/local/apache/we_framework/main_wsgi.pyc Is it part of the httpd? If not, how should I stop it?
  • Hi Mijzelf! Thanks for replying. Network is fine and no problem shown with dmesg. But samba does peaks about 70% to 80% CPU usage, but than the processes listed below peaks too and boom, we have stutter:* python /usr/local/apache/we_framework/main_wsgi.pyc * /usr/sbin/httpd -f /etc/service_conf/httpd.conf I read the app_wd…
  • Hi, do you know if it is possible to backup/dump the factory firmware and configuration and how to do it? So if anything goes wrong, I could restore the factory firmware and configuration.
  • Thanks again for replying. So seems that flashing is a good option. Do you know if the LEDs and Fan will still work the way they supposed to work after the flashing? Last question: After flashing using the tutorial I linked above, If I decide to go back to the original firmware, I just need to connect the serial console…
  • Thanks for replying. So the Kernel on the USB thumb drive will not be used with Debian? Are there any advantage of flashing as the tutorial says the USB thumb drive is still needed after flashing?
  • Hi, Thanks for replying. I installed the Entware samba4-server 4.13.4-1. I didn't try your script yet, but I can stop the factory installed samba manually and start the Entware one manually. It works, but it doesn't have the dirsort module too. The tutorial shown here…
  • Hi Mijzelf, I was able to install Debian and you are right, the samba performance is worse... Maximum speed I got is 30-40MB/s without tuning and 50-60MB/s with tuning, while the factory firmware speed is about 100MB/s. But with Debian there is no data corruption at all!! If we could get at least 90MB/s with Debian, we…
  • Hi, The problem is present since 2016!! When I bought the NAS326, I started to make backups to it and I only found the problem last year when I tried to restore a backup and found it was corrupt!! So the problem is there since the release. I think most people don't see the problem because NAS326 silently corrupts the data…
  • Hi, Just to make it more clear: 1- You still can buy the NAS326 nowadays and as a NAS, it should not silently corrupt files. This is a HUGE problem! And to make things worst, the support just told they can do nothing about that! It is a firmware design flaw! 2- The data corruption happens with files smaller than 4TB too, I…
  • Hi, yes the NAS326 silently corrupts data transferred by SMB/CIFS. You will only find it is corrupt when you need the data. I don't use the NAS for FTP/SFTP transfer, so I didn't test FTP transfers.
  • Hi, Unfortunately, no... Zyxel didn't disclose the cause of the problem. They just told me the NAS326 is at end of life and they will not fix it.
  • Hi, As you are planning to use some large hard drives, even if you get the 18TB drives working, I think it will be risky. The NAS326 has a bug that corrupts your data silently and Zyxel support told me they will not be fixing it as the product is at end of life. Just imagine 18TB of corrupt data!!
  • Hi, it happens while it is writing to the NAS. I received an answer from Zyxel support and they were able to reproduce the problem and acknowledged it.Unfortunately, they told me they will not fix it as the product is at end of life. So this is to warn everyone who uses the NAS326 to store backups or value files: Your…