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  • Thanks for the information, I will upgrade my AP asap. Great support!
  • Hi Jay,yes, for the moment everything is working more less ok. Some times if an App is not connecting with NAW90 (happened not with iPhone, but with Samsung S7 tablet this morning), the solution is to swicht wlan off and on an the then after re-connecting it works
  • Hi Jay,NWA90 is wall mounted on 2nd floor (Stairhouse), NWA1123 is wall mountend 1st floor living room.iPhone is just keep loading and can’t get IP.When did you change the configuration last time? Now at this moment iphone is working fine..?My NWA1123-GUI looks different... I will send you a screenshot by PN
  • Hi Jay, I tried it now. Don´t know what you changed, but situation was much better yesterday and is now worse. I am physically very close to NWA90,iPhone connected to NWA1123, change to NWA90 is not working, change back to NWA1123 possible within 2seconds, change back to NWA90 impossible, change back to NWA1123 within 2…
  • Hi Jay,if you tell me were I can find the diaginfo from NWA1123 I can share it, sure. I will test NWA90 continously. I will send you feedback later today. Markus
  • Dear Yay,regarding MAC I sent you a PN.Radio Settings are done
  • Please check again, NWA1123 has SSID "Zyxel_EG", NMW90AW has SSID "Zyxel_OG", they are different since the beginning...
  • you got a PN
  • additional information: it takes general a long time to connect my iPhone to NWA90. If I stand directly in front of the device, the status LED is blue, the I connect with iPhone, LED switch to green and it take >2min. to connect. On NWA1123 it only take seconds...
    in NWA90AX Comment by Markus_Bavaria June 9
  • Hi, thanks for your response. Issue happened e.g. with my iPhone. One App is from Pioneer which is for the connection to my receiver, message: Network error, one other App is IQControl NEO which is as gateway to home automation, message:"Error"... (not very helpful at all). How can I check, it not only my iphone tell me…
    in NWA90AX Comment by Markus_Bavaria June 9