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  • Hi @Nebula_Jason That makes sense, and would explain what I saw, and I did thought of this conceptually, but didn't understand how to do this. I looked at the interface addressing, and other settings, but I didn't see how to change that. I changed the setting of Networking mode from NAT to Router, but after that the NSG…
  • Hi @Nebula_Jason For the cable modem the change for the modem to Bridge mode was smooth. Besides changing the modem I didn't have to change anything in the NSG for all to keep working. For the 4g modem the experience is different going to bridge mode. Initially on the Security Gateway page I saw this info:…
  • p.s. or if there is way to kill sessions, that would help, I am now waiting to use the system till the session count is low enough, but easier if I could actively do something about it of course :-)
  • Hi @Nebula_Chris Good to hear an update for this is coming. I have two NSG100's connected to each other, and I am running frequently, almost daily, into the 1000 session limit per host (in the event log), while I am currently just the only person test using a setup (with less than 20 devices combined over both NSG's). When…
  • Hi @Zyxel_Jason For the point 2, it is fixed, I managed to get a VPN connection to one of the NSGs and see the RTSP video stream :-). As I wrote I set the NSG in the DMS of the modem, so all ports are forwarded, including the 554 port for RTSP, so good advice :-) I have just one question at this time, is it a good idea to…
  • Hi @Zyxel_Jason It is so nice to get replies on my questions, it confirms my choice for Zyxel :-) It is nice to learn new things about networking (I have a Dev background). If you can and want to help check my settings you and the Zyxel team are welcome to it. 1. I managed to get rid of the errors in the event log related…
  • Hi @Zyxel_Jason , Thanks for your guidance! I am new at this, so much appreciated! I am able to access a website from one site through the VPN on the other site, so I have the VPN working. Also on the VPN connection overview pages it says connected. However checking the Event log I see messages which seem to imply the…
  • Hi all, I found it! For other newbie's like me, I overlooked several things probably logical for more the more experienced: * The event log of the NSG updates very slow, can take 5 mins to see new events (which made me assume to quickly something wasn't arriving/working) * The 4g modem switched IP during my tests which I…
  • Hi @Nebula_Jason Thanks for the warm welcome! This info really helped, I got my phone connected to the VPN to the NSG :-) Thanks for your help! Mike